Shenyang City University is one of the top private universities in China.She has been awarded "China's Most Characteristic Undergraduate University" and "China's Most Competitive Undergraduate University for Employment".

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Intro of SYCU

Established in the wave of reform and opening up in China, Shenyang City University (SYCU) is a burgeoning four-year higher education institution. Working for the future of China and serving local development, SYCU pursues with unremitting efforts to cultivate students who will become qualified and practical talents of sound personality, innovative consciousness and global vision.

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In the face of global industrial upgrading and modern information technology revolution, SYCU has formed unique features and comparative advantages in the fields of artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing, BIM technology and intelligent architecture, media convergence and creative production of digital film and TV products, language education and cultural communication, smart hotel and featured tourism, internet finance and modern business, life information and health management.

In the vicinity of a graceful lake and wooded hills, SYCU is endowed with one of the most beautiful environments in China, where students are able to nurture their moral sentiment towards goodness and beauty. The motto of SYCU“I believe I can” is intended to enhance students’ confidence and passion, to inspire them to take on responsibility and to succeed. In line with the SYCU culture,enthusiastic about sports, impressionable about arts, curious about what is new, trendy in fashion, students’ outstanding personality and temperament are shaped on the campus. The concept of “Holistic Education” highlights the mission of the university.

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SYCU has been integrated into the global education system by introducing advanced education models and teaching resources. It has joined the Belt and Road University Alliance and cooperation in pre-master’s courses in consent with the member universities of the Northern University Alliance in the UK so that students are able to continue their study in prestigious universities, such as the University of Manchester, University of Bristol, University of Leeds, University of Birmingham, University of Sheffield, and the University of Liverpool, and to compete for high-quality employment opportunities.

SYCU is forging ahead in a pioneering and innovative spirit. It has been recognized as China's Characteristic Undergraduate Institution, China's Most Specialized Undergraduate Institution in Employment,The First Group of Pilot Universities of Application-oriented Transformation,"Three-integrity Education" Comprehensive Reform Model University of Liaoning Province,University Students Mental Health Education Model School of Liaoning Province,Civilized Campus of Liaoning Province,1st Prize of Undergraduates Employment Work of Liaoning Province, and "The Most Beautiful University in China", etc. Ranked sixth in the list of China’s private universities on the website of Ireshen Alumni Association Network (Cuaa.Net), SYCU is one of the top private universities in China.

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The New Era needs a new look. SYCU remains true in its pursuit of high-quality education. On the road to build a top application-oriented university in China, we stride ahead and move towards the future.

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