Engineering Cost

This major cultivates high-quality engineering technology management talents for construction engineering,engineering consulting,project management and other fields.

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  • Degree:Engineering degree
  • Study mode:Full-time
  • Duration:4 years
  • Belong to:School of Architecture and Engineering

Specialty Field:

This major is a key construction major for construction engineering,engineering consulting,project management and other fields,training high-quality engineering technology management talents to master economic management,construction engineering,information technology,etc.,with engineering pricing and bidding management,construction projects and construction management,digital technology application capabilities etc.

Specialty Features:

  • This major is characterized by the professional situational talent training mode with the post as the core,combining research results with teaching.Students need to complete disciplinary works in this major,and cultivate innovative thinking and engineering practice through immersive experience,group cooperation,etc.
  • This major sets up intelligent control,digital construction,BIM technology,etc.,cooperates with the University of Manchester,University of Bristol,University of Sheffield,University of Leeds,etc.,and provides pre-master courses for high-level talents.
  • The school relies on the Green Island BIM Engineering Center,Green Island Environmental Resources Research Institute,Architectural Anatomy Comprehensive Experimental Teaching Center,Shenyang Humanoid Robot Key Laboratory,Construction Intelligent Laboratory,etc.,and cooperates with China Northeast Architecture Design and Research Institute,China Water Conservancy and Hydropower Sixth Engineering Bureau Co.,Ltd.,China 22nd Metallurgical Group Co.,Ltd.,China Railway 21st Bureau Group Co.,Ltd.,Hong Kong Interconnect Cube Co.,Ltd.and other construction companies,establishes off-campus practice teaching bases,builds internship and employment platform for students.

Entry Requirements

  • Students need to take the national school entrance examination,and their scores should pass the provincial undergraduate admission score basic line,and higher scores will be preferred.


  • Year 1

    • Introduction to Digital Construction
    • Big Data Thinking and Technology
    • BIM Technology Foundation
    • Engineering Measurement
    • Architectural Engineering Drawing
  • Year 2

    • BIM Application and Management
    • Construction Material
    • Architectural Engineering Construction Technology
    • Construction Engineering Measurement and Pricing
    • Big Data Processing and Cloud Computing
    • Housing Architecture
  • Year 3

    • Application of BIM Calculation Software in Construction Engineering
    • Installation Engineering Measurement and Pricing
    • Engineering Economics
    • Project Bidding and Contract Management
    • Cloud Pricing Software Application
    • Installation Engineering BIM calculation Software Application
  • Year 4

    • Graduation Internship
    • Graduation Project

Ability Cultivation

The graduates from this specialty are expected to have the following core competences

  • b4adda4b0b347f7dc4a261fa4640345.jpg

    Construction project and construction management

  • 917501573936447558.jpg

    Project valuation and bidding management

  • 919016726724608079.jpg

    Engineering consulting service

  • 工程计价能力.jpg

    BIM technology application



After graduation,students can engage in construction electrical engineering project design,engineering construction and management,equipment installation and operation and maintenance,engineering technical support and other work in construction units,design institutions and construction enterprises,start their own business,or enter domestic and foreign universities for master degrees in related majors.


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