Radio and TV Editing and Production

As first-class undergraduate major in Liaoning Province, it trains high-quality film and television production professionals for various fields including radio and television, media institutions, and network media.

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  • Degree:Bachelor of Arts
  • Study mode:Full-time
  • Duration:Four Years
  • Belong to:School of Television and Media

Specialty Field:

This major is a first-class undergraduate major and a pilot major of undergraduate comprehensive reform in Liaoning Province. It prepares students to become high-quality professionals in the fields of radio and television , media institutions and new media, well-equipped with knowledge and techniques of film-television making, production of convergence media product, and operation of new media.

Specialty Features:

  • It aims to cultivate practical abilities of television-film professionals by implementing situational training mode and various teaching activities including immersive learning, order training and group cooperative learning.
  • This major offers documentary production, feature film making, integrated media creation and other course studios; it sets up special course modules such as media information, genre film making and new media operation; it cooperates with the University of Birmingham, the University of Leeds, the University of Nottingham and the University of Edinburgh to set up pre-master courses, so as to provide strong support for the cultivation of high-level talents.
  • Relying on the school’s provincial all-media communication center, Shenyang City Image Promotion Center, Green Island TV Station, nonlinear editing technology laboratory, virtual studio technology laboratory, variety studio laboratory, TV column creation laboratory, and jointly with Xinhua News Agency, People’s Network, Liaoning Radio and Television Station, Zhejiang Radio and Television Group, Huayi Brothers, Light Media and other media institutions, to build a high-quality practical teaching platform.

Entry Requirements

  • Candidates should take and pass the additional art exam as art students.
  • Candidates need to take the national college entrance examination, with scores passing the provincial undergraduate admission score basic line for art category. Admission is based on college entrance examination results.


  • First year

    • Fundamentals of Digital Image
    • Information Acquisition and Production of Media Convergence
    • Application of Sobey Digital Editing System
    • Audio-visual Language
    • In-depth Report
    • New Media Creativity and Operation
  • Second Yea

    • Documentary Creation
    • Film and Television Editing Art
    • Film and Television Directing
    • Film and Television Photography
    • Sunur Virtual Studio Technology
    • Film and Television Sound Art
  • Third Year

    • Convergence Media Planning and Communication
    • Drama Creation
    • Hadoop Big Data Platform
    • Literary and Artistic Directing
    • Applied Broadcasting
    • Network Variety Show Production
  • Fourth Year

    • Specialty Practice
    • Graduation Design

Ability Cultivation

The graduates from this specialty are expected to have the following core competences

  • 微信图片_20220419110703.jpg

    Convergence Media Production Ability

  • 微信图片_20220419110709.jpg

    On-site Broadcasting and Dispatching Ability

  • 6cce779ec1d26f3f13ebc94ccc9b20a.jpg

    Genre Film Creation Ability

  • 微信图片_20220419110718.jpg

    Application Ability of Digital Film and Television Technology



After graduation, students can engage in media planning and implementation, film and television editing and directing, and creative production of audio-visual cultural products in the fields of radio and television, press and publication, network new media, film and television production, etc. They can also choose to start their own businesses or enter domestic and foreign universities to study for a master’s degree in this related major.


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