Hotel Management

A national first-class undergraduate major strives on cultivating senior business management talents with an international perspective in the fields of hotel, tourism and pan-service industry.

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  • Degree:Bachelor of Engineering
  • Study mode:Full-time
  • Duration:4 years
  • Belong to:Green Island School of Hotel Management

Specialty Field:

This major is a national first-class undergraduate major, one of the first batch of application-oriented experimental majors in Liaoning Province, and a comprehensive reforming and experimental major in Liaoning Province.It cultivates senior business management talents with professional thinking, professional spirit, service art and leadership skills, who master the knowledge and skills of economic management, international business, digital technology, etc., and have the abilities of hotel operation, cross-cultural communication, brand promotion, and guest service.

Specialty Features:

  • Based on the educational philosophy of “Professional Situational Teaching, Competency-Centered Education”, it cultivates senior hotel management professionals by adopting diversified practical teaching forms, such as immersive experience, order-based training, and collaborative learning.
  • This major is equipped with special curriculum modules, including international chain hotels, fashion consumption and luxury goods, digital marketing and customer relations. It also provides pre-master courses in cooperation with University of Surrey, Leeds Beckett University, Sheffield Hallam University, and Manchester Metropolitan University. All the courses are aimed at providing strong support for the cultivation of high-level talents.
  • Bringing in five-star hotel management service standards from hotel industry, and relying on the practical teaching hotel and hotel business management virtual simulation practice teaching center that integrates catering, accommodation, conference, sports, leisure, entertainment and other facilities, this major establishes various on-campus practice teaching platforms. Cooperating with Marriott, Hilton, InterContinental, Accor, Shangri-La and other international hotel groups, it also builds many off-campus practice teaching bases and high-quality internship platforms for students.

Entry Requirements

  • Students must take part in the national college entrance examination, with the results passing the provincial control line of undergraduate admission. The admission is based on the college entrance examination results.


  • Year 1

    • Luxury Brand Management
    • Wine Tasting
    • Hotel Management Information System
    • Catering Management
    • Customer Management
    • Hotel Revenue and Profit Optimization
  • Year 2

    • Hotel Intercultural Communication
    • Hotel PR and Crisis Management
    • Hotel Customer Relationship Management
    • Hotel Brand Building and Management
    • Hotel Strategy Leadership
    • Hotel New Media Operation
  • Year 3

    • Smart Hotels and Digital Marketing
    • Big Data Statistics and Analysis
    • Hotel Planning and Preparation
    • Consumer Behavior Analysis
    • Conference and Exhibition
    • Hotel Service Operation Management Comprehensive Training
  • Year 4

    • Specialty Practice
    • Graduation Design

Ability Cultivation

The graduates from this specialty are expected to have the following core competences

  • 摄图网_300198983_banner_技术创新商人适合数字背景与图标(企业商用)_副本.jpg

    Hotel Operation

  • 112b7f97d382ddb1a5a42ef1a899aee.jpg

    Cross-Cultural Communication

  • 商业与经济发展能力.jpg

    Brand Promotion

  • 摄图网_500615614_banner_全屋智能控制系统(企业商用)_副本.jpg

    Digital Technology Application



After graduation, students can engage in hotel operation, guest service, brand promotion, digital marketing, public relations and other work in tourism, exhibition, cruise, luxury goods, high-star hotels and other industries, or choose to start their own businesses and further their study in universities at home and abroad for a master’s degree.


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